Cecilie Østergren

It’s about capturing the moment without interrupting what is happening. To be patient and play by the rules of my objects. That is really important to me.

Cecilie Østergren is a professional photographer now based in Copenhagen after 6 years of extensive photography work in China.  She has worked closely with WPP agencies since 2009, specialized in documentary, consumers insight, and portraits, and have in collaboration with Added Value done award winning insights on Chinese consumers, which also let to a exhibition at the house of parliament in London.

She’s travelled extensively to photograph images for the BrandZ™ reports, and have the last 5 years covered all the pictures for, the most valuable brands China, Brazil, India, Myanmar, Indonesia and globally.

In collaboration with Danish book publisher Politikens Forlag she’s photographed travel books about India, Greece and Denmark, her native country.

Contact information

Cecilie Østergren
Store Kongensgade 110 E, floor 4
1264 Copenhagen

Email: Cecilie@ostergren.dk
Phone: (+45) 23 84 05 29

Personal information

Birth: 29/05-1984
Nationality: Denmark

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